Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"


Apt sequel. No wait, not apt. AMAZING.

The first one was great enough, and now you give us this? Man, you should like, get a medal or something. Great work. This thing is worth all the 30 some megabytes and the 10's it's getting.

Great addition!

you guys did a great job upping the annie on a already awesome title.

Sound bits are awesome, customization is great, lots of things you can do its overwhelming!


Truly Epic

The first was great, and this one blows it away in every single possible way. Awesome job Evil-Dog, it was well worth the wait!

holy shit dood

oh man, i cant even maje sence of the euphoria thats rushing mah brain rite now yo. yew once said yew wanted this to blow minds, yewve went there and beyond. this is possibly the most ive ever gotten for waiting until i was overrun with anticipation. i give yew props for this man, and to think all this came from a simple little game yew made 6 years ago..... its epic yo. i wont be surprised if yew become a celebrity and yewr name is known worldwide. i waited till alittle after midnite to play this and boy is it worth it. awesome. i dont really have any questions or anything. just telling yew to keep doing what yew do best. oh, and nice job on the bass (i play bass) i really liked what yew did there. and every where else i look i cant seem to find ANY flaws with the game. see yew around on the new PoM 2 site!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome thanks for the nice review :)


words cant explain how epic this game is!!!