Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"


listning on this

Worth Waiti'n

Try to make cool though but just made Cranki'n shit ;) (Mixi'n)df-aaa-daa-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-p,
pm-cjY-cjL-cjZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-k,hu-g eF-cet-chf-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-g,pm-cjZ-c jL-cjL-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-k

Absoulutly Amazing

I was completely blown away buy the amount of effort that was put into this 10/10!
Also here are a few songs for those of you who would like a listen, Enjoy!

(Illigal Wig Wearing In A Disco)-kaW-caW-caW-caW-caW-caW-McD-ab I-gbI-gay-gbN-gaW-caW-caW-caW-caW-caW -AcD-abI-gbI-gag-ecE-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-b,-kaN -caN-caN-caN-cbb-EbA-cbB-cbC-cbL-acr-
ccr-ccr-ccr-ccd-acd-acd-acd-aeC-gaN-c aN-caN-caN-cbb-ghg-ogU-icr-ccr-ccr-cc r-chC-gcz-ccx-Z-Z-Z-Z-V,-kaE-caE-caE-
caE-caE-caE-caK-gaK-gaK-uhd-ghd-ggB-c gB-cdh-cfE-caE-caE-caE-caE-caE-caE-wg Q-caW-ahd-ghd-ghb-gbK-cbJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-V,n E-bnD-cnF-cnx-cny-cnz-gnC-cnB-caX-caW -caX-caW-caX-caW-cbA-cbB-cbC-cbL-aoB-
coC-coB-coC-cnS-cnS-ceC-gnx-cny-cnz-g nC-cnB-klB-clD-moB-coC-coB-coC-coz-co A-ccz-ccx-Z-Z-Z-Z-V

(Crazy Tune)-xbp-gbp-gcI-acB-aaq-car-cbt-gbt -gbt-kbI-gbI-gbI-cdfcu-gcu-scI-acB-aa q-car-cbt-gbt-gbt-kdl-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-j,gW-
ggY-ggX-gbV-cbV-cbV-cbV-gfM-cfN-ccI-c cJ-ccI-ccJ-ccI-ccJ-cpq-ccF-ccF-ccF-cc F-ccF-dck-ccn-chE-chD-ghD-kfM-cfN-ccI -ccJ-ccI-ccJ-ccI-ccJ-cpq-ccS-Z-Z-Z-Z-
cfQ-cfR-cfQ-cfR-cfQ-ggh-cgh-cag-cag-c ag-dbA-cbB-chc-EfR-cfQ-cfR-cfQ-cfR-cf Q-gak-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-j,-pnQ-cnQ-clU-clX-cm a-cmc-glW-cmz-cmw-cmA-cmp-gmD-cmE-cpq -cfY-cga-cmv-cmx-cmw-dhC-gov-wlW-cmz-
cmw-cmA-cmp-gmD-cmE-cpq-ccS-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z -j

Best music game ever

(Show Me How To Rock)-jdu-ccB-abI-gbI-gbJ-gbJ-gbJ-gbJ -gbJ-gbx-gbJ-gbJ-gbx-gbx-gbx-gbx-gdt-
adododododn-adtdodododododododtdododo dodododo-fcD-abt-gbt-edt-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-e,
hI-ghI-ghI-ghI-goT-coT-coT-goT-coT-co T-coT-cdl-obL-ccQ-cbL-cdj-chF-ohF-ghG -gdl-wbd-ggL-cgL-cgL!!gL!!gL-aaZ-Z-Z-
Z-Z-Z-e,hj-ghj-ghj-ghj-ghj-ggP-cgP-cg P-cgP-cgP-cgP-caX-Ehg-ghh-ghg-ghh-ghh -ggN-cgN-cgQ-cgX-caX-ggm-cgm-cgm-cgm-
aaJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-e,hI-ghI-ghI-ghI-goT-co T-gho-gho-cho-cho-cbu-qbs-cce-cbs-cfa -ihG-ghF-ghG-gdl-wbd-ggL-cgL-dgL!!gLg L-aaZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-e

Show me how to heavy-metal!!!!

Very nice work!

I really liked the aspect of almost total control of the writing music and customization options. and as a metal musician myself I can actually see this being something I would use to help me improve and write music.
I can certainly see the time you spent into this. It sticks out as something original and is a major step from the first game.
Although I can see that you did not put as much time into the actual game aspect as you did the music writing program itself and feels almost like an extra. Just slightly out of place either in the format it was presented which is not familiar with the target audience. Or you just didn't have the time or space to improve it. Very repetitive and the controls are not very responsive. Even after i downloaded the offline version it was still quite difficult.
But the amazing selection of music options make up for it quite drastically.
I really enjoyed the cut scene flash. even though i haven't completed the entire storyline. Besides all of that, the idea is brilliant and the time was WELL worth it. :D