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Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"


This is amazing. It lags during songs sometimes though. I don't knojavascript:submission_controller.G etReviewController().GetWriteReviewWi ndow().SetRating(0);w if its my computer or the game, but this makes me miss plenty of notes, but i've yet to get a score other than awesome.


Darkness by Undiscovered The. Hope you guys like it :): (Darkness)bD-gbw-gbA-gaa-gab-gcB-acB-
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I remember waiting for this to come out. I WAITED 4EVER!!!! It was so worth the wait!!!!!!!!


wow amazing job nice going guys good work! 10/10


i played the first punk o matic with my friends. i'd do guitar, one use drums, other would use guitar/bass..with this one the songs are brilliant. easy to use for musicians.. a lot of the songs i post are songs ive writen. so to see a lot of them being on the top of the list is a real eye opener for me.. everyone makes up such cool things. and everything is well rounded.. evil dog, if it wasnt for you, id have a life.. hahaha