Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

This is a freakin awsome game, you rock evil-dog!!

This a freakin awsome game, you rock evil-dog

still wating



This game is overall a great flash game. I do wish there were more riffs, but hey, you can't have everything in one, right? I'd also like more options in the character customization, but that's not what the game's for now is it? I love the riffs we have. Unlike POM1, our songs can differentiate a bit (or a lot if you know what you're doing). I do wish there was less lag during concerts for people with older machines. And I have to say to the person below me, you suck. Your computer is probably just too shit to play this. But whatever... Good-job Evil-Dog, and keep up the good work!


I like this game!! its AWESOME!!1!!111

thank u oh godly evil-dog

just the best game on net