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Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

Just saying goodbye to my favorite flash game:c

There was some sad thing here where i say goodbye to this but i learned IT LIVES :D

I've been using punk o matic since late june, and i've made 30 songs so far. I'm leaving this five star review about 15 minutes before the 31st of december, aka the day flash will die, as a tribute. I truly hope that evil dog is out there planning something, and even if he isn't, i just want to thank him for making my childhood better. Evil dog, if you're reading this, thank you for all the awesome memories. This game is the reason why i am now practicing guitar, and if this game wasn't made, then i never would have discovered my passion for music. I am also in a band that uses punk o matic to create songs. The band is called Pain of living. I also hope that punk o matic pro is still in development, because i am willing to wait an entire eternity for it to come out, but even if it doesn't, this game is awesome and i will always remember it and i hope the rest of you will too. But anyways, this review is getting a bit long. Before i go i just want to say goodbye to flash and all of the flash games that will be gone.

Boy, it has felt like forever since I've played this! I decided to return until Flash died so I could live with the memories. This song is a farewell to Flash and all our favourite games that will be gone. (Farewell)-Rdu-ccc-gcc-gcc-gcc-ccz-cbz-ecIcEbE-fcEbE-fcEcc-gcc-ecIcEce-ecE-acc-ecIcEce-ccz-cbE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEcI-acI-acI-acI-abK-gbL-bcEbL-fcEbL-bcEbL-fcEcz-cdf-cdu-bdibE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEbE-fcEcz-bdh-Z-Z-Z-d,kZ-ciY-aiJjCkg-ajC-aiYjCiJkKkg-cjC-aiJjCkg-wkg-bjCkg-bjCiY-cjC-ckg-bjCkg-bjCiY-ciJ-bjCkN-ciM-aixjqjU-ajq-aiMjqixkyjU-cjq-aixjqkg-gjV-bjrjV-akcjqiY-cjC-cjV-bjrjV-akcjqiY-ciJ-bjCjU-ciM-aixjqjU-ajq-aiMjqixkyjU-cjq-aixjqjU-ajq-aiMjqixkykN-ciM-aixjqkc-ckc-ckc-ckc-ciM-ajqjFjU-cjU-ciM-ajqjFjU-cjU-ciM-ajqjFkg-fjAlI-cno-anEnTmt-cmc-clL-cnV-cmD-clu-clI-cmd-cmr-bke-Z-Z-Z-d,aX-bdXak-bdkbX-beXbx-bexaX-bdXak-bdkbX-beXbX-cbXeNbUexbXeNbUexaXdNaUdXaKdAaHexbXeNbUexbXeNbUexaXdNaUdXbxenbuexbXeNbUexbXeNbUexaXdNaUdXaKdAaHexaN-bdNaa-bdabN-beNbn-benaN-bdNaa-bdabX-gbWeUbNewbWeUbUenaXdNaUdXbxenbuexbWeUbNewbWeUbUenaXdNaUdXaKdAaHexaN-bdNaa-bdabN-beNbn-benaN-bdNaa-bdabN-beNbn-benaN-bdNaa-bdabU-cbU-cbU-cbU-caN-abnbAbN-cbN-caN-abnbAbN-cbN-caN-abnbAeX-fewaN-bdNaa-bdabN-beNbn-benaN-bdNaa-bdabN-beNbn-benaN-bdNbn-benbX-beW-Z-Z-Z-d,bu-cap-ccS-ccg-cbu-cap-ccS-wcS-bcgcS-bcgbu-ccg-ccS-bcgcS-bcgbu-cbb-bcgbg-cab-aalpmcD-cbR-cbf-caa-ccS-gcE-bbScE-acOpmbf-cbR-ccE-bbScE-acOpmbf-caM-bbRbf-caa-ccD-cbR-cbf-caa-ccD-cbR-cbf-caa-ccO-bdhcO-bdhcD-bcWcD-bcWbf-abRckcD-bcWcD-bcWbf-abRckcD-bcWcD-bcWbf-abRckcS-fcebf-caa-ccD-cbR-cbf-caa-ccD-cbR-cbf-cbR-ccS-bcQ-Z-Z-Z-d

This is a song of my own making.