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Reviews for "Reach the End 2"

Thoroughly enjoyable creative game....right up until the BOSS! Oh my!!!! It is really hard to move my little guy AND do mouseclicks simultaneously. That is beyond my skills. But I really enjoyed this well crafted game.
Well done. :)

A thoroughly impressive adventure

Having played and enjoyed the original game in the "Reach the End" series, I was anxiously anticipating the sequel's release. While the gameplay of the series' second installment was quite the departure from its predecessor, the improved graphics and upbeat music made this game a winner. The puzzle elements of the original are cleverly combined with classic platforming gameplay to create a rewarding and engaging experience. The "Reach the End" series has proven to become better with each release, so naturally, I fully expect to be blown away by the upcoming "Reach the End 3". Fantastic work.

Not bad..

Couldn't get past the level that had the mouse pointet illuminated, although it was fun to play.


Ok on the first level, it wouldnt respond to my keyboard at first, and I got a bit wary, but then, wow. Loved playing it, really a lot of fun. Great job


maxman43 responds:

Thank you, i'm glad you liked it.


i liked the first one better. seems like a work in progress, but fun nonetheless. good show