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Reviews for "Duplicate -3D music video"

Holy frig

This is amazing it reminded of those cool things I listened too-watched in music class back in elementary school!

Love it.

Absolutely awesome. Well worth the loading time, which on my computer was as long as about 1 1/2 minutes.

great work mate

this year will be know that the 3D animators of newgrounds will hide no more!
finally we will be known.

newgrounds isnt just for flash clay or still animation.

good job!
btw how many polys was this?

and did the render really take 2 and a half days constantly on the computer to render?



Wow, it was nothing as I expected. Great animation, the 3D art was really well done, people should do more of this stuff. The music was also good, and your concept was ever so original!

However your animation is perhaps the first one that left me with a lot of questions I don't think I can answer myself. Your animation, on the bits where the paper and the toilet was duplicating, it was a bit choppy, I don't have a problem with it, it's just that did you animate it like that on purpose or you couldn't make it smoother? The next thing, the title for your music vid. is it called that purely because there's duplication or is there some meaning behind it all, like schoolbuilding or something?

Just a thought, otherwise superb job!