Reviews for "Tibetan Fox"


3 Stars for the one drawn character,the good sound quality and for bashing Coldplay (?)

Aside that, there is no animation to rate, You've used a picture of a fox which could have been another drawn character, and finally it's clearly meant to somehow be funny and it just falls short of the mark there. So far short I can't tell you.

Better than some of the crud that doeesn't get blammed on Newgrounds (and therefor worth being on the site) but really this isn't frontpage material

great humor

its like the office, you know, that kind. oh and screw coldplay


Even if its barely animation, its still amazing and funny. :'D



10 again

yep 10 again. look flas always seems to be a balance of content vs animation. youre content is sooo good it makes up for your complete lack of animation. im always seeing stuff that is well drawn
but is lacking in jokes, or the jokes are....funny but this joke is inspired, or i am inspired by it as it were.
kudos to you sir.

Thank You
P.S. keep em coming