Reviews for "Tibetan Fox"

That fucking wolf!

He's such a fucking asshole! But he's pretty cute.

lol you remind me way to much of Egoraptor.

Your art work is exactly like his easter eggs and you voice sounds a lot like his too. But just so you know this is incredibly fucking funny. I love random hilarity and you had great timing with this too.


Cool, but a little anoying

I like this thing, it's really brilliant, but, I think you should made the animation to stop after it finished, it's anoying to hear "OH MAN I CAME BACK FROM THE COLDPLAY CONCERT" thing all over again.


i had to laugh a lot, especially the second time
but there was no artwork, animation or effort
the 5 stars are for my lol and your voiceacting

i know this noise xD
i guess the wolf was on the coldplay concert too, no idea how he could get so bored in another way


another example that you dont need to make huge animations to make it really funny haha