Reviews for "Tibetan Fox"

It was pretty funny

I really like how you use an actual photograph of a tibetan fox to emphasize how bored the character is. This reminds me of Egoraptor, although it does seem like it was made on a, well, lower budget than Egoraptor. What I mean is, if there was more color and moving, I would have liked this more. It is still fun to watch, simply because the premise is so funny. I love how this poor guy is being driven insane by the fox making that noise. That seriously looks like it could be the next Internet meme, like Serious Cat.


thyre everywhere


this was absolutely brilliant, i luv the way the fox speeks. one critisism- the quality, u should try and make the the man speek better


the fox is funny


As for the second it's just perfect.
That's prisine genius,completely amazing and sooooo funny.
I love coldplay ^^