Reviews for "Tibetan Fox"

There's no punch line

This just isn't funny. Jokes require a punch line, this is just randomness that is supposed to make sense. You had so much to go off here too. Why is he a fox? What significance does the concert have? Why is the fox making that noise? What the FUCK is going on???

Lacked animation. You didn't even bother to draw the fox. There isn't even a preloader, it just loops infinitely.

I apologize for the low score but I am a firm believer that randomness=/=funny. If you want to be humorous then you have to at least make an attempt. A shoddy, poorly constructed flash is not the way to go about this.

Wow, thats funny haha. i worry about ..

that sometimes but only with a girl XD
its a annoying habit :P. this was hilarious LOL


i love it xD

Simple, but brilliant

This is a perfect example of how simple images and great voice acting can give comedy gold.
Excellent stuff!


real funny man. i'm laughing! i'm laughing!
and the loop is great
more fox!