Reviews for "Transcripted"


The game was stunning. The graphics blew my mind, the game play was interesting and hard to pause. I like how some cubes have downs and ups, too making the game more difficult. The effects on the screen are cool along with the enemies. But the game didnt seem to have a story or plot, and that made it a bit boring... but the fact that you can change levels and dont have to watch a freakin cinematic was better that some games. So, i think this game deserves a 10. Its amazing, fun and difficult. most games make it too easy or too hard but this fits right in the middle of both. And it has a fairly fast loading time and isnt all that hard on computers so there really isnt that much to complain about unless you just want to be rude or annoying. Overall, this game was impressive.


Woah, very shiny graphics, how did you make them?
Adobe After Effects or something?

Music gives a nice atmosphere, the game runs smoothly and is pretty challenging.

Maybe a bit too much puzzle for my taste, but I'd love to see more shooters in a similar style!

Krobill responds:

The graphics are mostly precalculated 3D (background, monsters, canals, cubes). The rest of the FXs are pure flash vector animations. There are a lot of Flash filters everywhere so bitmap caching and blitting is involved to make it run smoothly.

Very awesome!

Great concept, nice graphics, relatively easy to pick up, but still challenging. Excellent.

too cool!

And from the music I'm guessing that the cell you play as is a malaria cell. O.o

fantastic game

Having all levels open from the start was a bit strange at the beginning, but you have to start at the earlier levels anyway to have a chance later on. A sequel with more weapons and maybe more structure (like walls or obstacles) and a story would be great.
My favorite part is the visual artwork. What program did you use for it?