Reviews for "Transcripted"

What The FUCK!?!?

I liked this game. But seriously!? I beat the final stage, and WHAT DO I GET!? ANOTHER FUCKIN' FINAL STAGE!! No power-ups, the life gain is almost non-existent, A boss character? Unneceasary. Those LAST enimies were RIDICULOUS. Fun game, but seriously, I'm convinced whoever made this game, made it that hard on purpose. I've beaten it. But at least give me an ending for my woes. Damn.

Krobill responds:

Hu, yeah I did this game, and I made it that hard on purpose indeed. Now, concerning the lack of proper ending... well, the game as you've played it is a scoring contest and sadly no more. Very good players beat level9 three times in a row and score more than 150 000. Can You ?
I have another and much more complete version in mind, but before an end it lacks a start and a middle with a proper story and much more content. We just need money to pay the rent and do it... working on that right now ^^
Sorry if you we're disappointed by the non-end. I hope will be able to correct that soon.

cool design

great picture

Nice graphics, good ideal

A nice game. Good idea to mix up 2 of the most popular styles of online casual games. ^_^


If this was what Zuma was ... It'd be downloaded on my PC.

i would give you more

awesome game with a great concept keep it up