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Reviews for "Silent Destiny. Memory..."

Clever xD

A new kind of battle. haha i like it :D 5/5 10/10 nice job

great game

godd game


super game!

screenshot haha

It is a timed memory game with a set of mistakes masked as a life bar.
The music gets repetitive incredibly fast.
There is no story really. More of an "introduction" of what is happening.
The "ending" was just there, no explanation whatsoever of what happened (lore maniac here, sorry). There was a screen that popped during midgame that I'm still debating whether it was a reference to something or just to mess around; the mid team said something like "I have seen that strategy before and my memory is something".

Still, a fun game to kill some time. Loved the idea of having a choice of doing something with each correct pair of cards.

The extreme mode seems impossible to do as all is reset after a while but your health. It would have been a nice addition to have a healing team, making the game longer and putting some more pressure into your choices.