Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"


It is super awesome!!!

squidly responds:

Lots of awesomes lately, that's never a bad sign, thanks!


Dude is this your first Game Whateva it wasnt half bad Keeep it up, Still trying to get the hang of bloody Newgrounds lol but yeah ill talk to you on Facebook

squidly responds:

Thanks Robin, it's appreciated.


SUPAH AWESOME! This game will make me play for years and years! :D

squidly responds:

You gonna play the same game over and over for years and years?
Have fun :D


If i had the option I would have given you a 9.5, for the sole reason that the main hero didn't have a link hat. but since I can't give half points I'm going to HAVE to give you a 10. Great job on the game. Loved all the text. At first I was annoyed because I was expecting an actual game. But you made it clear in the begining it wasn't. kudos

squidly responds:

Lol, sorry, maybe next time around.

epic music

just can't stop dancing :D