Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"


i spent 6 hours trying to get past the watchamacalit

squidly responds:

The dragon?
He's a tough one, stop right infront of him, and when he's going UP start running, DO NOT wait until he gets to the top, you won't have enough time to make it through.

One of those Games

This is just one of those games that you just wish would never end...

squidly responds:

Everything comes to an end... Sadly enough....

Easter Egg

Click in the top left corner a little under your health in the beginning of the game and you get
999 hp
99 arrows
9 bombs
Hope it helps =3

squidly responds:

Gah, don't give it away!

I agree with willbo360

You people dont understand what the "game" is, its just a statement about how stupid our governments run the world and how corporations are too powerful but most of all the mentality of individuals being ignorant of life values and just fulfilling their need to be "good" by letting single influential persons backed by a majority tell them what to think (spoken by the dragon and exemplified by the corporate man at the end) alas I myself have been influenced by squidly to think of this except the difference be that he used a game to speak and not money and advertising and mass numbers of people to force ideas onto people for his own personal gain. Poor man you are just a lone wolf as I who are nether capable of making yet another social change in history to last for just awhile till people revert back to greed and power and stupidity because to make such a change you must operate the same as those who gain selfishly from the masses and tell them its good for them, our purpose would to make the world how we see it should be so does that make us any better? Should we just except our defeat stop trying and fall into the mindless consumerism like all, or have we already? Whats the point in changing and complaining when all "seems" well? Ya organizations like government and corporations have too much power over the individual but where do you go to get away from it? All other places not like this are tormented by clans and dictators who wish to achieve the power displayed here but in a way thats been seen in history since history was written long before democracy.

I feel what we have is still better than what has been and what is, yet, I can also see a strong possibility of us diverting back to what was seen in England when our colonies deserted the British rule and made this nation for the good of our people. Ironically this land had a perfect way of life already, the ancient life Europeans once had and couldn't be happy with why? Because the tribal way of rulership in Europe was Despotism while the natives of this land had a form of democracy already, a tribal council not to different from todays democracy.

Here is where I get bold and declare something insane, I feel that the colonists who explored and communed with the natives had learned more than just how to live off the land, they found a perfect way of governing the people. But to govern a mass majority like a nation they felt they had to distort it somewhat so that it seemed the people had a voice to keep them calm and while voting did that for us they would have a few "great minds" to represent a majority and through a tree of divided power that through many different offices lead to one of the three main leading offices that being: the senate; representative of the states and their majorities, the congress; representative of the political parties and major majorities (and apparently of those lobbyists who bribe them), and finally the presidency; representative of the nation and its military. But the thing I mean by being bold is that I'm saying that voting has no effect, and that money does. Example: Gourge Bush made Presidency when popular vote was lower for him than Al Gore yet the electoral collage voted for him outstandingly, now what is the total amount of people in this collage I don't know but I'm pretty sure that its enough for a millionaire like Bush's dad to "persuade" them to vote heavily on his son, and why is it that this electoral collage has more weight in voting than the people, do they feel that the millions that live here are to stupid to know what they want in their leader? Maybe, since we're so influenced by what we're told by a single person who has illusions that they're popular and socially exceptable. They're able to do this with use of media, because in media you can talk to the person directly and get to know them, you can only hear what they got to say and see the people they've payed to agree with them.