Reviews for "Jeff Goldblum Soundboard"

strange timing

Seconds before seeing this, I had just finished watching "the fly".
great movie!
uncanny timing
good sounboard!

silvercade responds:

Woah, that sounds meant to be! But not to wax messianic, it may be true that the synchronicity of those two events might blur the resultant individual effect of either individual.

its great man

haha at first i thot this was bullshit but then i was like wow thats cool hahaha good job

silvercade responds:

Thanks man, hopefully you put it to some good use!


The first soundboard I've come across.
And I'm impressed at the potential for pranks and mayham.
I haven't made a prank call for 15 years, but that might have to change now.
Why reason why you choose Jeff Goldblum?

silvercade responds:

Thanks. I chose to make a Jeff Goldblum soundboard because there is only one other on the internet and quite frankly it's not very good. Happy pranking!

The fly

oh yeah haven't seen this on youtube yet >.<

Its Like having your very own Jeff Goldblum!

This is pretty cool. Goldblum is a cool actor and this sound board is well made so over all a good result. Just trying to think of how best to use it tough :)


silvercade responds:

I put a hint under the author comments on how best to use it. Enjoy!