Reviews for "A Simple Snake Game"


I am also not very good at snake games so it was nice to not worry about the walls, and Acellus is a dumbass, don't worry, this is my honest oppinion, your new rating system sucks you use it on a game like this and it doesn't work. First of all Acellus, how do u have good graphics in a snake game, and second, why would u even rate the story line of a snake game, so u don't like the originaly one cuz there's no storyline??


it's true that you didn't invent this game.
but it's good practice.

) and for one who is not very good at snake, not having to worry about walls was fun

good job

Pretty good for a first game

Screw these other people. The game is just what the title says. I liked it!


the oldies are always the best. good 4 a first game 8/10 4/5

different way to go

That was actually not half bad. I like the idea for going off screen and looping to the other side. Its a challenge in a way when you snake gets really long and your not paying attention to where your other half is at. Only please add some background music, or some other type of sound. I prefer to listen to music when I play games since it help the concentration. Another idea is give the option to change the speed. Or start out slower and build you way up for a challenge, as some people want to go fast and other just prefer taking their time and messing around. What I really like to see is some obstacles that you have to avoid. Moving around them in order to get to your food. Just some ideas, as already this game is pretty good.