Reviews for "A Simple Snake Game"


it's true that you didn't invent this game.
but it's good practice.

) and for one who is not very good at snake, not having to worry about walls was fun

good job

Honest Opinion

Originality : 0/10
Graphics : 1/10
Game play : 2/10
Difficulty : 1/10
Storyline : 0/10

Overall : 0.8/10

Comments : Not original, kind of a bad knockoff. I have seen too many well done snake games to rate this any higher. You need to work on the graphics, add some sound and put work into your games/flash on this site.


Honestly, I stopped calling snake re-makes "games" a long time ago, they take little to no effort to make, and have little to no entertainment value whatsoever. And really, you can't tell the difference between the front and the snake and it's body, making it even more of a pain in the ass. And to point out another flaw, it has a plain background, you didn't even stick to one color, you had the center blue and the rest white, why not just make the whole field blue or white? Either way, the background is still plain though. There really is nothing else to point out other than the fact that this was obviously rushed, snake games can't really be criticized much on because there is so little to criticize.

In other words, next time, try making a game that hasn't been done a million and one times, cause the "game" of snake is old, tired, and unoriginal.

simple but nice!

i've even played this for half an hour. i missed this game. :D
great coding!


i love this games, it's your first?
cool :), put more details on it and it will pass here ^^
(its to simple to pass right now in my opinion... sorry :S)
good look man