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Reviews for "Patient"


Yeah, what theduhj1 said, totally agree! :) That was a pretty good plot, short, but awesome anyway. I liked the end very much. Animation was very smooth and pretty quality, this flash must have 4.00 score not less, just cause of animation in my opinion. Great work! Keep it up!


I really didn't expect it to be THAT violent (yes I am sad). I was like this for the whole flash 0.0

On another thought, the animation was very well done, the short story-line was simple and easy to follow. It was was a good expression of psychiatric madness - may also be suggesting that psychiatric tests conducted by doctors are usually far from being constructive or positive, and ending with really gruesome endings.

Great work!

I saw...

...an extra zombie super mutand raprot time'n'space extrabonerlrtyarttuaytydtrhtyuly mega monnkey from outta hell III


(great video) sorta disturbing but anyway i saw mothman

i think the guy saw a large murder, so he made one

i saw a person with their arms ripped off.