Reviews for "Trapped In Happyland"

Oh yes.
Yes I can dance to this.
I choreograph dances myself, as most dance trends these days are terrible, and I'm sure if I can't find I use for this in a video game I can make a nice dance video with it.

Well done, I always love listening to your work. Don't stop. Ever.

Okay... this... just makes me happy. i've had a bad day... but when i first heard this, i got the biggest smile on my face. this made my entire day worth it. thank you!

I honestly love it! It really gets you in the mood :D

Happy! ....and awesome :D made me smile, thanks for that. For some reason it didn't getting boring or repetitive. Good job.

I was trapped by this song in the "LUSFOD" game.
While the game causes seizures your music makes them a happy event! :)