Reviews for "Trapped In Happyland"

Just so you know, at this very moment I'm copying this to my ipod.
I have a pretty good sub in my car, and I plan on blaring this song with the windows down so everyone knows how happy I am.
I also considering a flash animation to this song, with your permission of course :D

Okay... this... just makes me happy. i've had a bad day... but when i first heard this, i got the biggest smile on my face. this made my entire day worth it. thank you!

Oh yes.
Yes I can dance to this.
I choreograph dances myself, as most dance trends these days are terrible, and I'm sure if I can't find I use for this in a video game I can make a nice dance video with it.

Well done, I always love listening to your work. Don't stop. Ever.

Excellent work! It really borders on the edge of manic, made me feel paranoid atleast :D
Mixing in this track made me jealous. Also it's nice that at the second listening I started hearing instruments that I didn't notice on the first listening.

Honestly, can't find anything bad to say. Only thing that I wonder is; why is it so long? Alot could be left unheard if used in a game, which would just be wrong :)

OcularNebula responds:

Thanks for the review!

I actually didn't make this to explicitly be used in games, I just didn't know which electronic sub-genre to put this in. Closest I could think of was dance, but the bpm seemed to awkard for that, and it has kind of a video game mood, with a bouncy feel.

Still, even for a regular song, it's a bit on the long side, so I do agree it could perhaps use trimming/reshaping.