Reviews for "Trapped In Happyland"

Brilliant and really cleverly done. Awesome background headbanging music.

Happy! ....and awesome :D made me smile, thanks for that. For some reason it didn't getting boring or repetitive. Good job.

I love it! Only annoyance is the disjointed feeling cos each note is so distinct and separate.
Also, I'd like to hear this with a flute.

I honestly love it! It really gets you in the mood :D

So. I finally got to create an account here. So I'm able to tell that I enjoy listening to loads of your songs, I mean you got me even to listen to genres I normally dislike or just don't recognize. It's probably your unique style overall. : P (Enough ranting now.)

This theme cheered me up, so I think it did it's purpose. Only complain is like you mentioned above, the repetitive feel that starts after some time. Still a great theme overall.