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Reviews for "/b/ear Gunner"

Yes, you are back!

Your previous submission was the greatest flash I had ever seen on Newgrounds, so I was so disappointed to find out this was your only submission! This is a great game as it perfectly captures the ideals of 4chan. I love the Gummy Bear music that is used at the beginning. I also like how the moving cartoon characters contrast with the life action background and machine gun fire. I can simply stay here all night gunning down those evil Pedobears. The anime girls themselves are drawn really nice too.


So little from this author, yet I wish there was so much more. I wish to see more in the future, is what i'm getting at I guess.

cute in a way

211 bear gunned.
19 girls saved.
the song some how dosent fit yet dose. lol

It's nice

...But why u not able to shootin' loli %u10DA(%u0CA0%u76CA%u0CA0%u10DA ?

they're coming to get you barbara