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Reviews for "/b/ear Gunner"

ill review it for what it was

A short and fun shooting game, yes the topic may cause others to rate the game a 0, but being a popular internet meme and this being newgrounds i think it is perfectly fine. Good job, maybe next time add a bit more depth, but some games do better simple like this anyways.

LULZunlimited responds:

Will do! Good to hear you enjoy the casual point-and-shoot games too though.

points for epic rendition of meme

minus for breaking rules.. lulz were had anyway.
fucking loved the ending.
also ITT: non /b/tards

errrrrrm fun for one play

but i wouldn't play it again. would have been cool to be able to resue the lolis whilst they were being drug away, but no big deal. plus i expected pedobear to have a higher pitched, japanese anime type of voice.
oh and didn't you already break the fist 2 rules by naming this /b/ear gunner?

A very simple, repetitive, unfun game

If this didn't involve pedobear, i wouldn't be of note to anyone.
Also, mentioning /b/ on newgrounds... That's a terrible idea.

LULZunlimited responds:

Terrible....? Or... OSSUM? :awseom:


Because this is a place to rate games, I will tart off by giving this a 4. It's pretty repetitive, has no real story, and gets boring pretty fast.

It's also reallly easy.

As for the tie-ins with /b/... you are all cancer.

rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids.

and anybody over the age of 15 who still 'lurks' needs to taste reality.