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Reviews for "/b/ear Gunner"


i love killing pedophiles


193 "guys in a suit" killed and the end was great !

Yes, you are back!

Your previous submission was the greatest flash I had ever seen on Newgrounds, so I was so disappointed to find out this was your only submission! This is a great game as it perfectly captures the ideals of 4chan. I love the Gummy Bear music that is used at the beginning. I also like how the moving cartoon characters contrast with the life action background and machine gun fire. I can simply stay here all night gunning down those evil Pedobears. The anime girls themselves are drawn really nice too.

Finished it, 20 lolis, 177 pedobears.

Apart from that, it's a great game to a great inside joke.
Keep it up, yo.

Finished it.

Boy, now to finish crysis and cry myself to sleep because im to much of an gam0r to care that it's 2 AM :D