Reviews for "VVVVVV Demo"

juicy game

you go mad .. pass the level 2 .. and then rescue the crew of blue appeared a few photos and not to do ... just wanted more space Precionar * ---,*
did should have games that you crazy!!!!

pity it was only a game

plenty of potential

There's a whole lot to love about this game. I like the music, sound effects, character and level design. All I can say is I can't wait for the final release.


I love this game i think it is sweet. BUT IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH! I beat it sure but i almost broke my computer doing it ever mother fucking time i heard that god damn noise and my red faced :( mother fucker of a guy i almost screamed. I have never played a game that made me want to do that so quickly. SRSLY get rid of the respawn time spawn back the instant you die. For the love of get rid of the fucking sliding shit i swear to fucking god it made this game 10X harder and made me so mad. I AM STILL SO ANGRY FROM THIS GAME! I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Great game great graphics great music. Epic win for you

A Great Addicting game!

This demo is good enough to be the full game!
Quick moves and great story line is all this needs to be amazing!

100%'d the full version years ago. Was fun to play this. Nostalgia to the max