Reviews for "VVVVVV Demo"


A fun and inventive game...giving serious thoughts to buying this.

I already have the game

I didn't even know the demo was here. Now, I can play (part) the game here instead of uploading the game... I guess I should upload it to make progress. Either way, awesome.


The actual game is COMPLETELY WORTH THE MONEY!!! My only complaint of the full game is that the "Veni, Vidi, Vici" and "Edge Games" trinkets are incredibly hard to get!

Original and fun

I have bought the Full version of VVVVVV a few months ago, and I do not refret it a single bit.

This is the most inovative, addicting indie game that I have ever played. Ever since I played the demo here, on Newgrounds, I was amazed by it. It is simple, yet complex and dificult at certain points. The "One-Minute Up-and-Down" screen got me stuck for a while.

The music is also addictive. The simple characters and graphics contribute to the simple awesomeness of VVVVVV. Even the game title is well thought; not only it represents the game's six characters' names, all starting with the letter "V", but represents the act of going up and down, up and down, up and down.

The mechanics makes simple concepts be hard as hell. The hardest tinket in the game is behind a 4x4 pixel block. Since you can't jump, you have to go up through lots of screens filled with spikes, only to return down and get the shiny triket.

Congratulations to the authors, for VVVVVV is a masterpiece among indie games. If you played this demo, BUY THE GAME.


Excellent platform, with interesting storyline undelying the action. Liked it very much, true heir of Don't Look Back.