Reviews for "VVVVVV Demo"

Original and fun

I have bought the Full version of VVVVVV a few months ago, and I do not refret it a single bit.

This is the most inovative, addicting indie game that I have ever played. Ever since I played the demo here, on Newgrounds, I was amazed by it. It is simple, yet complex and dificult at certain points. The "One-Minute Up-and-Down" screen got me stuck for a while.

The music is also addictive. The simple characters and graphics contribute to the simple awesomeness of VVVVVV. Even the game title is well thought; not only it represents the game's six characters' names, all starting with the letter "V", but represents the act of going up and down, up and down, up and down.

The mechanics makes simple concepts be hard as hell. The hardest tinket in the game is behind a 4x4 pixel block. Since you can't jump, you have to go up through lots of screens filled with spikes, only to return down and get the shiny triket.

Congratulations to the authors, for VVVVVV is a masterpiece among indie games. If you played this demo, BUY THE GAME.


Excellent platform, with interesting storyline undelying the action. Liked it very much, true heir of Don't Look Back.

Fun Game

I really enjoyed this demo. One question though, in the "more about full game" section, you post a quote by "EDGE". Am I to assume you mean the professional wrestler known as Edge?

Looks Are Deceiving

I had originally seen this game on Newgrounds a long time ago and hadn't thought much of it. I was intrigued to find it on Steam very recently and purchased it in a pack of Indie games. I decided to give it a fair chance this time around. Why not? I had paid for it anyway.

It automatically stood out amongst the games. The method of teaching new game mechanics is to have each major area include a new one and work up from incredibly easy to truly difficult implementations of the mechanic each challenge. The final stages of the game are a testament to your adaptability and mastery of each mechanic introduced as well as a challenging and mind-boggling.

Even with the main story out of the way, you're still free to collect the twenty shiny things scattered around the dimension. Some, specifically three, of which are more challenging to obtain than most of the challenges in the main story. Doing so will unlock a final secret and a new game mode.

Overall great game. Very challenging, to the point where getting less than 500 deaths is a noteworthy achievement. Good story with lovable, funny characters. Worth the price. For sure.

Hey! You are AWESOME!

Terry Cavanagh, You ROCK!

You´ve made it!

VVVVVV is on STEAM!!!!


http://store.steampowered.com/app/703 00/

"I´m making a note here:
It´s hard to overstate my satisfaction"