Reviews for "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex"


That was simply brilliant! I've not laughed that much for a long time, very nice job!

Dear James Cameron,

Please put this animation as a special feature on the Avatar DVD when this is released. It may need the voices to be redone, because Neytiri sounds far too butch for how she is in the film.

I love the animating style and the sound effects that you've given us - why does the flute style instrument sound like an accordion? You've got a wicked sense of humour and a great sense of comedy timing, coupled with an impressive vocal talent to go with it all.

Great work, keep them coming :)

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Another one out of the park dude

And I should totally shout to people, "What the fuck do I fuck with?"


You were right Harry, this is eerily close to what we're going to see when they re-release the movie.

I was expecting some dumb porn thing but instead i got a comedy XD