Reviews for "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex"

'A' Material

To give up human intercourse for the Na'vi kind: The biggest mistake of one's life, or the best decision ever?....I believe the answer is...the latter?...But seriously, great job, you crazy limey.


Thank you for this. I, too, was disappointed by the sex scene. While I hadn't imagined it to be this explicit (haha), I did at LEAST want a close-up shot of their ponytail things combining in the film. This is definitely how it should have been. You're the next James Cameron!

I thought the same thing

How the heck would the blue monkey people do it? Thanks for clearing that up for us. However do you think that this flash might contribute to the Pandora Blues?

I laughed so hard I hit my head.

Wow, awesome job. This animation is stylin, well done, and wait put my pony tail in her music blower? Lol. Awesome job HHP, cant wait to see what you have next.

new idea

never tought about it tough O.o this puts some idea in your head how they do it, and also, if they also like beastiality since they stick it in the horses too... ewwwww