Reviews for "WoW Character Generator"


add a thing to disable certain classes, i clicked it 10 times and kept getting DK when my main is already a DK so i wanted to play something new >.>

frankly i think this is quite an underated tool its not supposed to be fun more of a toss the coin kind of thing. you dont toss a coin for fun you toss it to decide things. good job friend.


It has possibly but fall short of being fun. Get a little more creative with the next one.

its ok

i have one problem i made 24 characters and they were all female and then i got 1 male one. could you fix that
otherwise well done

shikamaru-nara responds:

Well.. When the gender is chosen, a number is created, either 1 or 2. If this number turns out to be 1, it'll be a male, though if the number is 2, it will be a female.
I could of course edit it so that the number is a random on between 1 and 10, if it's an even number the character will be a male, and if it's an odd number it'll be a female. Though i don't know whether or not it would help. I'll check if it gets better when I can. ;)

Thanks for the review and the feedback. ^^

wIRD. How can a Orc be a Shaman???