Reviews for "WoW Character Generator"


what was the point of this?

shikamaru-nara responds:

In case you didn't notice; this is a gadget, not a game and the title reads "WoW Character Generator", that's what it does. I usually have problems when it comes to making up new characters, so I made this.


It has possibly but fall short of being fun. Get a little more creative with the next one.


good effort, but not fun. all you see is little icons : / and i play wow so i was hoping for somthing a lil more fun; alliance FTW

simple, but expand

I'm unsure as to why this was posted. It is a good attempt at a randomizer, but really not ready to be posted to Newground.com

I had better luck with the char builds, Seemed to roll male/ female about the same amount, and then Class style/race/alliance changed equally. I hope there is another concept you are building on so that this is useful. Maybe build in actual Animated images of the characters we build? Make it alittle more to look at.

Keep it up

its ok

i have one problem i made 24 characters and they were all female and then i got 1 male one. could you fix that
otherwise well done

shikamaru-nara responds:

Well.. When the gender is chosen, a number is created, either 1 or 2. If this number turns out to be 1, it'll be a male, though if the number is 2, it will be a female.
I could of course edit it so that the number is a random on between 1 and 10, if it's an even number the character will be a male, and if it's an odd number it'll be a female. Though i don't know whether or not it would help. I'll check if it gets better when I can. ;)

Thanks for the review and the feedback. ^^