Reviews for "Follow the white rabbit Alice"

nccce man nice

art that has a straight up meaning usually aint my thing, but i fuckin love screwed up perspection. and also titties. the titties are great. but u misseda bigoppurtunity with this drawing. the mad hatter, u shoulda made im a pimp! hahaha

Citrina responds:

LOL I'll have to consider that... Damn, does that mean I'm up for a sequel?..


this is really cool, nicely done.

Citrina responds:


so true

ive' thought of this to but to lazy to do stuff

and she has a piont boobs

Citrina responds:

Yeah, I thought it's not quite a new idea :)

Great art!!

The style and creativity of this art moved me to acturly feeling that i am in the city myself,you made a great very well detailed background which i love in art,I hope to see more great art from you,keep it up!!.

Citrina responds:

Thanks! This is actually close to speedpaint, took only several hours.


I really like the strange night atmosphere more than the drawing itself... good work man!

Citrina responds:

Thanx. Sometimes being lazy pays off - the atmosphere is due to that, I was too lazy to color this the way I usually do :)