Reviews for "Blast Master"

Good game!

I really like the game a lot and thought the puzzles were fun and interesting. Trying to set everything up to blow up everything was a neat twist. If I could change anything, I would have added a better tutorial before the first level and done a little more with the intro screen. But I think gameplay is great!

Please !!!

Let me download the musics !

GameBalance responds:

which one? there is 3 tracks

Great game!!!

I got stuck on lvl 6 :P


is a great grame,nice idea and well made songs.i think it would be good if you placed the Songs for download in case anyone wants to listen to them out of the game.

GameBalance responds:

I will but i need to make my personal site for that

I really love this game

Graphics are good, looks cool, gameplay is smooth, and very mind bending. All the levels up to like 10 really challenge on what you think is a natural way to deal with this problem. Meaning you have to take a few looks at it before you finally figure out a lvl.I would say this is the best puzzle/explosive game i've ever played, because it's the only good one out there. The only thing is that lvl 22 is impossible........wish there was a walkthrough.
Anyways, 10/10 5/5

GameBalance responds:

there is walkthroughs on youtube and other sites has pictures screenshots.
LVL22 pretty good progress man!