Reviews for "Truth Hurts"


It's nice to see that there still are people out there, who can actually put some thought in their animations.


You did a good job on animation but I didn't like the message behind it. This is Newgrounds not a a preaching ground.


Very nicely animated. The ending was also great (I liked the line at the end, hahahah quoted from the bible)


nice...good message, smooth animation, and fitting music. keep it up man!

Good moral concept...

A very interesting flash, the story-line was quick and simple, and the graphics were also well done...however, I think it was too short for anyone to really absorb the moral of the story, that's why I took 1 pt off. If it was a little bit longer perhaps it would have packed more punch. I also think you should have elaborated more on how the guy lost his soul...if you know what I mean, perhaps that would have made the flash a tiny bit more interesting.

Another note, the music choice was good, it suited the length of the flash.

In total it was nicely done, despite a few setbacks I still believe it's a very good piece of work and contains something I think everybody these days should think about.