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Reviews for "vel.blast()"


for the achievements i need 1 more for both the combo and the waves completed lol :)

down to business.

the concept for this game is really awesome.
it starts out pretty easy, but around level 16 or so, it really does become bullet hell.

i have THOUROUGHLY enjoyed this game.

but i gotta say, the beggining levels were more fun for me.
not for difficulty reasons, but because you can actualy move around and play with the deflector. plan your shots and stuff.
but in the high levels its becomes "OH GOD!!! SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD"

anyone looking for advice, i share this with you.

early in the game, you can deflect, or collect your charge, whatever you prefer, doesnt matter so much.
me, i just sit in the middle, collecting whatever comes my way, then blasting them with a charge shot...
but around level 12 or so, you need to switch it up...
dont fully charge your thing, or you will never be able to keep your energy up, due to all the purple emp bullets.
this is when you need to use more deflection than charge...
besides... everydeflect will get at least a few kills...

i get into a corner, and sit there doind a "deflect, move to safe spot, repeat"
kind of thing.
and if the energy runs out, then hightail it to another corner, they will be semisafe for a few seconds till everything reaims on you.

however i only got to wave 24 with this, so there are bound to be better stratagies...
this is now yours to improve on.

thanks alot for another awesome game ^.^
and killing about 3 hours of my life.


Right, well, yummymelon pretty much said it all...

I love this game! The atmosphere was really well put-together; the music and the graphics matched perfectly, and I loved the little voice.

As an "arcade" game, this is great. Its repetitive gameplay actually works in its favour, the rate at which the difficulty increases is steady but challenging, and the variety of enemies is numerically simple but complex enough to provide an engaging experience.

However, this is more than just an arcade game, because of the Upgrade feature. That was a very nice touch! It provides continuity without the demand for plot, like a role-playing game, and allows players to feel as if their points are achieving more than a spot on some kind of e-peen glory board.

Speaking of achievements, my only suggestion there would be to incorporate a -tiny- bit more descriptiveness in the Achievements section. A little humour wouldn't hurt, or maybe a little info on the varieties of enemies to provide meaningless but fun science fiction text. Hell, it's not even a necessary improvement to gameplay, that's how minor the suggestion is.

I have zero complaints about this game. Well done!


Hehe...tha voice is funny xD

Gunless but not defensless.

BTW Nice little robot voice. It's really cute.

Very fun...

This game is EXTREMELY original AND fun. The mention of "hell" made me think it was going to be of those shoot-em-up games that made me want to throw the mouse across the room because it cheated or is nearly impossible to do w/ the massive hordes of enemies. YOU give us a chance with the shield and reflecting bullets..i was able to have fun...BY DOING NOTHING!!

Pro: This game..never have even seen attempted before, which i give you BIG TIME KUDOS MAN! As i said before, all these game creators make me want to have a mental break down cause it's so friggin impossible unless you have sniper eyes to AVOID EVERY SINGLE FRACKEN MISSLE!!! You let us absorb them..^-^ Which i LOVE!

Con: I can't think of any cons besides the fact i ran into a BIG issue with the game as i played. I tried the "Aim carefully and reflect bullets back" and it worked VERY WELL!! (Probly the best tactic i've tried yet.) BUUUUTT!!! The problem was...if i click the mouse to often...THE SHIELD WILL GET STUCK. I've read..and no one really has seen this problem...so i'm putting it out there to be noticed. From level 16+ i stay stationary and start clicking my mouse on and off...doing so..my shield will get stuck. I WILL ABSORB BULLETS & TAKE DAMAGE. I thought it was my energy being low cause of all the photon cannon spamm you add in there...but that wasn't the case at all. i maintined 50%+ energy the whole time. I WOULD APPRECIATE if you looked into this. (Course..the game would just be to easy then. ^-^)

I really didn't have a problem with the currency rate of the game. I made it to 16+ everytime i restarted...and i was able to max out my energy quite fast. For those who complain, you really have to find a tactic that works for YOU. The same for me, may not work for you.

Great game man,