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Reviews for "vel.blast()"


Its not that hard but its a great way to pass time and also theres no lag! i give it 10/10

Gut-wrenchingly, agonisingly hard.

Firstly - there's been a number of indie/flash games with similar mechanics to this, the most prominent being Clean Asia. It's not a common feature, but I've seen it before, mostly in bullet-hell shooters, so it's not an incredibly innovative idea, although it's pretty cool.

Now, I'm normally not adverse to difficulty, but this game is a whole new level of hard. You need to reset once every few minutes, and often the amount of points earned is disproportional to the actual skill you use in defeating the enemies. It takes forever to get to level three in all the upgrades, for example. That's probably because of the constant, unavoidable bullet hell. The game wouldn't be the same without it, of course, but perhaps slowing the bullets down or something would improve it, and allow players to earn more points in longer rounds, rather than being forced to click the reset button every ten seconds.

That said, it's a good showcase for a concept that needs to be used as a core gameplay mechanic more, and the upgrades were (mostly) genuinely useful.



Just.. Wow... Great game, nice graphics and for once a game with decent music that goes with the game.. Especially great job with this, well done


Huge depth to this game. It's always refreshing to find a game where the mechanics are simple enough to let the players experiment and find their own style. I've only two quips for this game- in the higher levels when the shield-draining purple lasers are practically covering the screen, deflecting starts to become much more essential than absorbing- an enemy type that somehow resists deflection (non-reflective bullets, isn't hurt by reflected projectiles, etc) would be good to balance things out. Also, the bullets-absorbed and shield-remaining status should be shown by something besides a bar- maybe have the shield give visual clues, so we can keep our eyes on the action. All in all though, a very well thought out game.

Very fun...

This game is EXTREMELY original AND fun. The mention of "hell" made me think it was going to be of those shoot-em-up games that made me want to throw the mouse across the room because it cheated or is nearly impossible to do w/ the massive hordes of enemies. YOU give us a chance with the shield and reflecting bullets..i was able to have fun...BY DOING NOTHING!!

Pro: This game..never have even seen attempted before, which i give you BIG TIME KUDOS MAN! As i said before, all these game creators make me want to have a mental break down cause it's so friggin impossible unless you have sniper eyes to AVOID EVERY SINGLE FRACKEN MISSLE!!! You let us absorb them..^-^ Which i LOVE!

Con: I can't think of any cons besides the fact i ran into a BIG issue with the game as i played. I tried the "Aim carefully and reflect bullets back" and it worked VERY WELL!! (Probly the best tactic i've tried yet.) BUUUUTT!!! The problem was...if i click the mouse to often...THE SHIELD WILL GET STUCK. I've read..and no one really has seen this problem...so i'm putting it out there to be noticed. From level 16+ i stay stationary and start clicking my mouse on and off...doing so..my shield will get stuck. I WILL ABSORB BULLETS & TAKE DAMAGE. I thought it was my energy being low cause of all the photon cannon spamm you add in there...but that wasn't the case at all. i maintined 50%+ energy the whole time. I WOULD APPRECIATE if you looked into this. (Course..the game would just be to easy then. ^-^)

I really didn't have a problem with the currency rate of the game. I made it to 16+ everytime i restarted...and i was able to max out my energy quite fast. For those who complain, you really have to find a tactic that works for YOU. The same for me, may not work for you.

Great game man,