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Reviews for "vel.blast()"

Great job.

Love the pixel graphics and coding references.

I like

This was genius :) I loved how you made it so the enemies are practically attacking themselves ^_^

Maybe if there were moving levels or something like that, it would be a fair bit more interesting.

very very nice

that was one of the most creative games ever everybodys like wtf no guns but u dont need 1 u kind of have a gun but its a shield lol i love it but next time mayby u can add a shop after every round or so so u can upgrade ur ship thing 10/10 good work

Alright Game

The game is alright. Kind of boring. Maybe boost the graphics a little.

Unarmed or just de-gunned?

Pretty cool. It could be considered non-violent combat, because all you're doing is making the enemies blow themselves up. Pretty innovative. Going to check out the author's other works now.