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Reviews for "The First Day..."

Classy and Brilliant...

This is a magnificent piece. Great for a game for it's great looping. To anyone who is reading this review, put this in a Tetris Game!


Hehe, fun song... some of the notes are really unexpected :)
Some of the tempo changes are a little awkward I think, you might wanna think of ways to properly announce them as it were.
The best parts are where the different synth parts play together in a sort of harpsichord style. The straight quarter bass makes a very good addition to this but it is absent too often.

It ends somewhat too soon - don't underestimate the impact it has when all the parts you've introduced in the build-up finally start playing together, you can have that go on longer and for example add little variations to the melody.

Anyway I liked this, but I think it can still win some terrain in terms of grooviness.

Bad-Atom responds:

Thanks for the review!

I have to agree with you on the changes in tempo, especially in the beginning. As for the sudden end, I'm always concerned about becoming repetitive. I usually play it safe and keep things short. Even at 2:57, it's one of my longer themes.

I'll probably make an extended version of this one day, when I have the time. :)