Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

I think it deserves a ten

Will all of you quit trippin ok the dude clearly said this was a mini version the third installment

Love the series ^^

This was the first I played in the series and now I'm eagerly waiting the third in the series. It's really quite fun for a point-and-click game and I love the plotline of it. This one, while short, was really quite fun to do. ^^ Granted the morse code bit threw me off, but it wasn't too bad. That demon is just the cutest thing ever though and I love the voice for him, he's just so adorable. ^^ Even if he is evil. Keep up the good for hun, the Reincarnation series is quite fun to play.

this is so fun

this game is so fun.the only thing is that this game is way 2 short but other than that the game was awsome!10/10 5/5

It's evil!

not only the demon is evil the WHOLE game is evil, and thats cooool

it is morse :)

paper under bucket shows morse, translate it and you have your numbers :)