Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

pretty good

for only being a single level, it was pretty good. a little challenging to figure out what needs to be done when, but as soon as you've got some, the rest falls into place pretty quickly.

and for the people who can't figure out the combo for the box, look at the sheet of paper under the bucket.


Nice Game With One Big Hiccup

This is a fun and great game but if you don't know morse code you wouldn't be able to finish the game. Hell I almost didn't cause I didn't even know we need to figure out the paper was morse code, just thought it was suppose to look like that and mean nothing. For those who are stuck on the morse code the lock is 1984

Out To Sea You Die.

Great series. Sometimes simple point-and-click adventures can be fun. Perfectly EVIL. Wish it was just longer, but I hope you make more.

Not bad but

It's kinda hard to find out the code. I had to look on google images for morse code numbers. I knew that's what it was, it being a boat and all.

where do i find the code