Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"


love these games..why was this one so short though...1984 is code

i liked it

the code for the box is 1984


what is the code for the box

here is the walkthrough!

1st. Click the barrel with the bait word click it until you see a hand.
2nd.Click the rug to remove it.
3rd.Click the hose then click it again to draw water.
4th.Click the treasure chest like box (the code is 1984) the click the knife.
5th.Click the barrel with the bait word again with the knife.
Last but not the least.Click the door.
well i hope it helps you with the game ^-^
and it was really short

You need code?

1984 is the code Passed on by n3abhinav before it ran off the page