Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"


I like the way he says ''EVIIIL!'' haha

Awesome Reincarnation!

I like your Reincarnation games, especially this one! It's a mini, but, it's fun makes me think it's a real game actually. And I like the end "CATCH OF THE MONTH"

Oh how I just love sending souls to Hell!

I am a great fan of the series (if you can call it a series, well I'm going to). I love the script to it and the ways you have to kill people, it's just brilliant and even thought this is Reincarnation 2.5 I still enjoyed it, even though it was only one level long but it was a good feel non the less, look forwards to playing episode 3


can't wait for the next, the morse code thing was easy, its pretty simple to figure out based on staring at it. I just didn't know it was morse, i thought it was just scribbles like we had to zoom in on it or something

i hate the morse code ! k9

is very good
but vewry short lol

but is a great MINI game xD