Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

wtf morse code?

i dont think morse code is vox populi so its kinda shitty to put some old knowledge in a game


I'm eager to see the the full version. Do you know about when we can expect it to be out?

LiLg responds:

I'd love to give ya a time frame but that won't be happening since my last time frame got shot down. I will say it'll be this year. I'm trying to do some finishing touches on the animation right now and having the code put in too.

Bring it!

So that was very easy all I needed was an easy translation for the code and I had it :P

The code for the chest is on the piece of paper but is in Morse code. Not saying what it is though ;P

Good job on the game :)


I love your games, I was starting to wonder if you'll ever get the third one out! This mini game satisfied me just enough to wait. Thanks for this submission, and glad to see that you haven't given up with you creations!


it was pretty hard but fun :D