Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"


i wish it was a bit longer and more challenging. but it was entertaining anyways haha

It was pretty good but...

It was a bit too short and extremely easy, and if I didn't learn how to read Morse code, I would have never guessed the tackle box combination, but animation was decent and it was fun to play through.

Short, but good:)

Its a short and pretty straight forward adventure game, but the graphics are good and the concept is solid... All in all its a good game and a fun way to waste 5-10 mins:)

*Spoiler Alert* ----------------------
The code for the tackle box is in morse code #s (1984)


It finnally came out I'm shitting in my pants!

Very cool

A very well done game. I was waiting for your next release for quite some time. I love the reuincarnation series. Another great adition to the hopefully long living saga. Whens the next one coming?