Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

Not bad

Entertaining, but it was a lot shorter than the other games though, and I beat it really quickly.

I also have no sympathy for the other players who keep complaining about the morse code instead of just googling "morse code" in a new window or tab. I think it was a fairly clever puzzle.

Would've given more stars if the game was longer.

as usual

And about the Morse code - JFGI

If only I still had my scout mini-book for morse..

I am not pro in morse code , I just don't know what they actullly mean....unlike dojofish132 who knows alot....or just translated it into morse, but it's still morse.

very well made

if u cant beat the morse code then use this site

http://morsecode.scphillips.com/jtran slator.html

i used it to beat the ode so i used my brains instead of pure luck hope ull get it right:)

keep up the good work

its worthy of the rest of the rest of the series even if its short,
and if shorter games are the price of frequent submissions then I say its well worth it
(but the morse code part is too damned hard)