Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"


WAY TOO SHORT! i beat it in 2 minutes!


it's fun but too short


Okay....listen guys,First, the morse code is 1 9 8 4(click on the locked chest)
& I really,really excited for the full version. I hope u guys can make the full version as soon as u can(and for everyone,if u thing this game is too short.(well, actually it is.)that because this is still the mini version(or still Short-beta or whatever.)


can't wait for the next, the morse code thing was easy, its pretty simple to figure out based on staring at it. I just didn't know it was morse, i thought it was just scribbles like we had to zoom in on it or something

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too short

Also I didn't like how I had to stray away from the game I was playing because I don't know how to read morse. I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO THAT, THIS WAY IT IS MORE OF A CHORE THAN A GAME!!