Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

Short and simple

A simple fun game, short but still very good.

i liked it

the code for the box is 1984

not bad...

Looking forward to next game

Love the series ^^

This was the first I played in the series and now I'm eagerly waiting the third in the series. It's really quite fun for a point-and-click game and I love the plotline of it. This one, while short, was really quite fun to do. ^^ Granted the morse code bit threw me off, but it wasn't too bad. That demon is just the cutest thing ever though and I love the voice for him, he's just so adorable. ^^ Even if he is evil. Keep up the good for hun, the Reincarnation series is quite fun to play.


WAY TOO SHORT! i beat it in 2 minutes!