Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

very fun, although the morse code part is a bit tricky.
use periods and hyphens as the dots and slashes
The code is 1984 if your a lazy f****

I'm a little confused. Either the demon used his forces to launch the reincarny into the water after wetting the deck.. or it was supposed to look like he slipped. The animation at that point made it look like he jumped and briefly hovered. See, I'm used to your animation style employing a certain kind of motion so as to maintain a cartoony effect (read: your walking cycles often give legs impossible curvatures) and I can certainly respect that--but here, that certain instance was made absolutely ridiculous by it.

Over all it is a very good point and click game. their is however, one major glairing flaw. You must know Morse code in order to figure out the combination to the lunch box. Most people don't know Morse code. see the problem hear. If you don't know Morse code, the only ways to win are to look up a walkthrough or try every possible combo systematically until you find it. despite that it is still well worth playing.

I had trouble figuring out how to end the game... goodness

what do u do after he is in the water