Reviews for "Reincarnation: OTSYD"

Like all Reincarnation games (including non -minis) this is a little too short and solutions are not always logical. I am sad author dropped the more fun Groswold the Goblin series for Reincarnation.

This is a mini and too short. I would prefer a more rare releases of longer games with proper world and character building then a lot of these mediocre games.

Reincarnation series is like fast food for adventure games - easy for author to produce in large quantities and we players will eat it despite it not giving a satisfaction a proper adventure game gives.

This is awesome, but I had to look up the bit with Morse code. That's not common knowledge. Still, you did a great job.

Hahaha, I really love these games, but the Morse Code bit...not common knowledge; I needed to look that one up.

What do I do after the shark finishes him off? Is that the end or...

great 1, wish it was longer but oh well.